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I've been helping agencies and clients with copywriting and creative direction since 2006. Lots of writers can generate good ideas, but the magic of producing successful work consistently is the art of selling it internally within an agency, and then externally to clients. I've developed different skills to be able to generate press-worthy ideas, articulate why they're on strategy, and sell them.


Being a comedian means I have a strong understanding of storytelling and joke structure. I literally study what makes people laugh out loud vs smirk silently, and know the importance of “finishing a script.” It’s easy to write ads without an ending. I do my best to avoid that. With over 1,000 live performances, I’ve gotten good at reading a room, responding honestly in the moment, dealing with pressure, doing voices and act outs, and developing a rapport with people I’ve just met.


I produce three live, recurring comedy shows. So I’ve developed a passable skill of “making things happen.” I used this skill during my Audi + Spiderman project. In a car ad where we couldn’t show the car’s exterior, it was very important to get an actor who could carry a spot with almost no visual component. I was set on getting the talented JB Smoove, but was told "no" over and over again. I made phone calls and wrote emails and was relentless until we landed him. And the people at Marvel loved him so much, they cast him in the next Spiderman film.


I take mime classes (yes, my friends relentlessly make fun of me, and now you can too!) which helps me think about movement and physicality when I'm coming up with ideas. Also, I’ve completed a full Meisner acting sequence in New York, the entire Improv sequence at Upright Citizens Brigade NY,  and have taken classes in musical improv and characters.  This helps me with everything from being expressive and charismatic on a client call to collaborating with a director to get the best out of an actor.


I’ve written articles appearing on I’ve written a one-act play produced in The Festival of New Works. I’ve written humor essays on satirical websites. And I’ve written original TV pilots and spec scripts. This multidisciplinary skill set makes me a better writer and creative director.

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